Dear Friend,

Perfectly Posh has always been bigger than the great products we sell. Don’t get me wrong, we all need more naturally based, USA-made, fun, and healthy skin care in our lives. But Posh is more than that.

Our company was started with the firm belief that we all need pampering experiences to take care of ourselves. When we realize this, we’re unstoppable. It’s critical we take a little time to rejuvenate so we can spend the rest of our time giving back to those we love.

I also founded this company with the firm belief that a business can do SO much good. When a go-getter wants to, she’ll RUN. She’ll change her family, her friends, her income, her level of confidence, her community, and HERSELF. It’s incredible every time I see it.

When a woman finds her passion and improves who she is, she brings her world up with her. Just watch it—this tribe, this sisterhood, this community—they rally around everything they come in contact with and grow it because they understand they deserve it.

Women Encircle others with energy and momentum.

Then, they Share what they know, what they have, and who they have become.

The result: Uplift, and lots of it. It’s everywhere and it’s remarkable.

This kind of energy and exuberance is something I’ve never seen matched. Focused together, we can do great things.

It’s with pride that I present to you something that’s been in my heart and mind for as long as I’ve owned a business, a foundation to channel the greatness of our Perfectly Posh community: You Deserve It, the charitable arm of our pampering brand.

Through You Deserve It, Perfectly Posh and our tribe of friends can combine our energy, resources, time, and talents to improve the lives of women everywhere. We can help them understand that no matter where they are or the challenges that face them in life, that:

WE are friends who will roll up our sleeves and offer both temporary relief in the form of pampering—a moment to catch their breath—and assistance in many forms, as we rally around causes and organizations that help them with a hand up in their lives.

Each year, we will participate in many projects in our communities that accomplish both goals. Join us as we throw our arms around everyone we can as our pampering pursuit continues to grow.

Business is good, but women are great, and when we work together there is no limit to the good we can do. Let’s all get involved.

Sincerely Poshed Because We ALL Deserve It,

Ann Dalton,

Founder & CEO, You Deserve It Foundation
Founder & CEO, Perfectly Posh, LLC