Thank You For Helping Us Make Change!

Our Change for Change in Guatemala Initiative concluded at UnConventional where we gave prizes and praise for those who went above and beyond to help support our campaign.

When we launched the Change for Change in Guatemala Initiative, we did it with the hope to unite our Posh tribe and combine our energy, resources, talents, and time to improve the lives of women everywhere. With your help we achieved that goal by working together to raise more than $45,000 for our Posh family in Quatepeque, Guatemala. 

The average cost to supply little ones with formula and supplements in Guatemala is roughly $100 a day. If you do the math you'll see our goal of $40,000 passes the annual cost. At Posh, we always try to go above and beyond, so it humbles us to have your support in passing our initial goal.

Needless to say, the response we received throughout our Change for Change in Guatemala was astounding and extremely humbling. It's very touching to see how much we can accomplish by uniting as a tribe and work towards a common goal. Infants and toddlers in Quatepeque will now have enough food in their bellies to grow healthy and strong. As a guardian or parent, it's a relief to know your little ones have food and are being cared for. 

It's great to belong to a company devoted to naturally based ingredients and that is why Perfectly Posh is proud to partner with organizations like AgroAmerica who help responsibly source palm oil while supporting the communities who assist in harvesting it. Apart from helping us feel good about the products we sell and use, AgroAmerica is also a leader when it comes to helping the communities from which they work.

Thank you for joining us and AgroAmerica in supporting these mothers in a different kind of pampering way.