National Volunteer Month Recap and One Last Guatemala Push!

Our wonderful team at Consultant Support. 

Our wonderful team at Consultant Support. 

Volunteers come in all ages, shapes, and sizes. They pick a cause and make a difference in someone’s life. Sometimes the difference is dropped into a bucket. Other times the difference creates a tidal wave of change. Either way, the impact of volunteers coming together to tackle challenges and build stronger communities is a rewarding experience, which is how April became National Volunteer Month. In 1991, part of President George H. W. Bush’s 1,000 Points of Light campaign was to recognize and celebrate volunteers and “…community organizations that are spread like stars throughout the Nation, doing good.”

When the Keep Palm & Posh On initiative launched in January, Home Office witnessed the outpouring of support and donations from our Consultants, customers, family, & friends. Needless to say, Home Office was inspired to follow the example of our Consultants and help collect Change for Change in Guatemala.

In preparation of Summer Day and UnConventional, we weren't able to go into the community and volunteer. So, on April 1st, we gave each Home Office and Consultant Support staff member a yellow cup and challenged them to fill it up with as much loose change as they could until May 2nd. While HO & CS were competitively finalizing their change collection, we were in Anaheim and Baltimore for Summer Day Away. On stage at Day Away, we encouraged attendees to do the same, so we presented a challenge to see which table could fill their yellow, white, or black bucket on their table until the conclusion of the event where the winning table would win.

When all was said and done, April turned out to be a very successful month fundraising month because Home Office, Consultant Support and Summer Day Away locations collectively raised $6,000 for our Posh family in Guatemala.

Our Guatemala initiative will conclude in Nashville at UnConventional where we will reward our donors with prizes, NEW products, and recognition from the main stage.

We've almost hit our goal in providing a year’s worth of formula to the infants and toddlers in our Guatemalan community. Let's continue to Posh On and help the Guatemalan mothers who help support us! 

We ask that you please submit donations via PayPal to no later than Thursday, July 12.

From the anonymous volunteers who quietly donate their resources to those at the forefront, the You Deserve It Foundation thanks you for your service and passion in supporting our two-fold mission, which is to provide pampering for a little relief and to unite and do something to help those in need.