Every Child Deserves a Bike.... our trip to the Dominican Republic

On Thursday, April 5 leaders at Perfectly Posh dropped ALL of their important Incentive Trip work (drinks on the beach, parasailing, socializing, selfie-taking, and buffet-clearing) to participate in a very important and impactful project: we built some bikes.

Let’s set the stage: these leaders worked VERY hard for months to earn an all-expenses-paid vacation in a Punta Cana paradise. They rallied customers and teams to hit some high bars and relax in the sun. Then, just a couple of weeks before time to say, "adios" and head to the beach, we at the You Deserve It Foundation asked for their help. 

YDI put together a little project with BIG heart. We partnered with a local orphanage to buy bikes for 23 boys and girls on the island. For just $90 each, we could give a child who hasn’t had a lot of breaks in life a bike of their very own. We asked if any of these leaders would be willing to raise that money then check out of vacation mode to build… and they did that and MORE.

These amazing leaders and their guests joined us on the resort, and met an adorable group of boys and girls from 4 to 15 years old. Language and skills were a bit of a barrier at first, but it didn’t take long for hugs, smiles, and gestures to endear us all to each other. 

In just two hours, we were able to make new little friends. There were many tears. There were more smiles. Most of us desperately wished we could invite them in to our homes. 

In what had to have been one of the most fulfilling moments Perfectly Posh has ever had, we were able to leave this beautiful island just a tiny bit better than we found it. In return, we each of us remembered we are profoundly blessed with businesses and opportunities all around us, and that it feels GREAT to lend a helping hand. 

Everyone deserves the chance to make their life whatever they choose. One of these sweet boys or girls may make their lives better with that bike. What we know for sure: they felt the power of good people coming together to show love and kindness. They saw the generous hearts, and big souls that share pampering products to help support their families. In addition to the bikes made for everyone, these incredible Consultants here and back at home raised over $10,000 in donations to benefit our new friends in the DR. 

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this incredible morning. It’s the heart of who we are, and it’s humbling to see the great good you can do with your passion. 

Thank you, for sharing the "YOU Deserve It" message in another corner of our beautiful world. 

Want to do MORE with The You Deserve It Foundation? We want to send ONE YEAR'S WORTH of infant formula to Coatapeque, Guatemala to provide nutrition to the babies and toddlers in this region that holds a special place in our heart: They RESPONSIBLY grow our palm oil! If you'd like to help, click the button below and learn more, or just visit our DONATE NOW button!