Hurricane Irma Relief Effort

Amid the devastation of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the people of Texas, Florida, and the surrounding states people have continued to come together to help those in need. Their harrowing stories show tremendous bravery and helps restore faith in humanity. 

One such story involves our Houston-based vendor and the tale of “the Chunk that almost wasn’t.” Due to safety and evacuation planning, all FedEx and UPS shipping centers surrounding this vendors’ fragrance house were temporarily closed for business. However, nothing was going to hold this vendor back from helping us meet our manufacturing deadline. So, he loaded up his personal truck, took the only accessible road out of town, and drove 98 miles to the nearest FedEx shipping center to make this month’s Splurge possible.


Because of him, for each Poppy Love Chunk sold, Perfectly Posh will be donating another Chunk to help with the Hurricane Irma Relief Effort. This Chunk will be donated to the Orange County Public School, which will be distributed between its four surrounding elementary schools. Also, everyone who purchases a Poppy Love Chunk will receive a code for $1 off their next Chunk purchase.

You’ve helped us raise close to $55,000 for hurricane relief, but let’s not stop there. Help us donate more to those in need.


Because of your generosity, we sold EVERY Poppy Love Chunk! Needless to say, Perfectly Posh shipped 20,000 Chunks to the Orange County Public School!